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Golf Tours of India

In India you can golf almost anywhere, for this outdoors sport is widely played by cross-section of people to the country's often dramatic background. In the hills and high Himalayan vastness, in metropolitan cities and in small towns of India , by lakes and forests, or surrounded by tea estates, out in the desert and in old British cantonments.  We have variety of Golf Tours and these tours are Ideal for Golf lovers and for those who loves discovering new golf courses all over the world, where they can expand their golfing experience. 

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Playing Golf in India is an interesting experience with the variety of its Golf Courses. The ambience of each Golf Course, spread wide through the mountains, plains,  deserts and makes the tour quite unique by its culture and history.  These characteristics of Golf Courses make India as an Ideal destination for Golf.  Indian Golf Courses compete with some of the leading Golf Courses in Asia and World in terms of Quality and Facilities.

Highlights of Indian Golf Tours

>>  Most of the Golf Courses of India are well  connected with the Roads, Train and Air network. 

>>  There are large number of International standard courses are also available in India.

>>  Unique Golfing experience with mountains, plains and deserts. 

>> Some famous Golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus.  

>> Well designed Golf Tour programs for Golfer and non playing member.    


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